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Medication Management

We can work together to control illness, optimize functioning and minimize side-effects using evidence-based treatments.


Assessment & Diagnosis

Obtaining a correct diagnosis and addressing any co-occurring conditions guides appropriate medication and therapy choices.


Individualized Treatment Plans

We will develop a treatment plan that is unique to you and make adjustments as needed until your personal goals are met. 


DNA Testing for Medication

In some cases, genetic testing may be helpful to analyze how your genes may affect your response to commonly prescribed medications.

Therapy Sessions
Approach to Care

Janel Hillstrom, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC is a dual certified Nurse Practitioner in both Family Practice and Psychiatric-Mental Health. With this training, she is able to treat the person as a whole by recognizing how physical conditions affect mental health and choose medications that can best treat both with minimal interference. Treating individuals with dignity and respect is her highest priority. She recognizes that we are each unique with our own set of choices, strengths and challenges.  

Janel Hillstrom in a blue striped blazer and a white undershirt with red rocks behind her

Ms. Hillstrom has been a nurse since 2001 and earned her undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. She earned her Master's degree in 2007 from Washington State University and Post-Master's in Psychiatry from John's Hopkins University. She is eager to help others and compassionate in her understanding and treatment of patients. 

Getting Help

We would like to make it easy to connect. Please know we are happy to help you and want to meet in person but recognize there are limitations with conditions like anxiety and severe depression. Telehealth is a great option to still receive care. Please feel free to email, call or leave a message below indicating your needs and preferences.

I have been so grateful for your kindness and attention to our various concerns. We appreciate the time you spend each visit to make certain you have all the facts you need to provide a sound diagnosis. Your good care helped me through a very rough patch and I am now moving forward with a new and positive life direction.

- C.C. age 62

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